Construction Leasing Update

The last several years found us scrambling for leasing sources willing to lease to contractors. Often the
vetting process included not only the end-user, but also the product vendor and the solution provider.
Fortunately being a leasing broker gave us the flexibility to locate the sources our clients required. In
many cases sources found us because of our years of experience in the market.

Now with very good sources back in place we are seeing an increase in CRE leasing approvals. We are
even seeing a return to many of the popular leasing features like:

  • Preapprovals with a D&B report
  • 60 and 90 day deferral programs
  • Corp only approvals
  • Application only up to 100,000
  • 24 month 0% promotions

As construction returns, leasing should be more important than ever. Leasing gives companies the ability
to put vital technology in place while preserving capital and maintaining credit lines.