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Flexible Terms

  • 24 to 60 month lease terms 
  • Traditional leases with $1 buyout or fair market value 
  • 0% prepay penalty after 12 timely payments 
  • Can include "soft" costs such as consulting, training and support Try our Lease Calculator!

Flexible Plans for qualifying leases

  • 0% or "pick your interest rate" leases with partner participation in buydown

Credit Quality

  • Can finance A, B or C quality transactions through multiple funding sources 
  • Can fund start-up companies 
  • Homebuilders are not a "restricted" industry list, unlike most lenders 
  • Does not "credit score" transactions. Aggressive documentation on marginal deals, such as financial statement submittal, personal guarantees and cross-entity guarantees, result in high approval rates

Teresa's warm, professional demeanor and willingness to help are rare commodities in today's business world. She cares very much about providing quality service, and best of all, she delivers it."

"We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Micro Systems Leasing for over 17 years. Many other leasing firms have tried to solicit our business over the years with fancy promises, but Micro Systems Leasing has consistently offered a competitive rate while providing unsurpassed customer service to our prospects and clients.

Because of their commitment to us and our clients, we consider Micro Systems Leasing and Teresa Webb an integral part of our total product solution"