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MicroSystems Leasing

Tailored solutions for quick and easy acquisition of your business equipment.


Our strength relies in creating a tailored solution to help you grow your business.

Your credit lines need to be reserved for project procurement and completion. Your capital must be preserved for stability. Leasing provides businesses with the ability to apply critical financing to the procurement of vital technology. MSL does the leg work for you —gathering terms from various banks and securing the best offer for your company.

This takes a dedicated experienced staff with the wisdom and tenacity needed to succeed. Teresa Webb is the founder of MSL who for over 25 years continues to lead the leasing operations. It is indeed a rare person that can state they spent their entire career in the leasing of intangible assets, mostly IT software and all that goes with it. Bill Cole applies his vast experience as a software implementer and marketer to assist clients in just the right lease at the right time. Ben Reavis, President, comes from the IT industry as well. As the Vice President of one of the largest resellers, he used the leasing tools provided by MSL to increase sales on a regular basis.

Industry expertise, leasing wisdom, vast banking and industry contacts, along with a culture of undying dedication to customer success makes MSL what it is today – the leasing partner you want on your team!

Teresa’s warm, professional demeanor and willingness to help are rare commodities in today’s business world. She cares very much about providing quality service, and best of all, she delivers it.
— MSL Customer

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Flexible Terms

  • 24 to 60 month lease terms

  • Traditional leases with $1 buyout or fair market value

  • 0% prepay penalty after 12 timely payments

  • Can include "soft" costs such as consulting, training and support

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MicroSystems Leasing is a unique specialized leasing company designed for re-sellers of hardware, software and services that are traditionally hard to lease. Even subscription licenses are leasable.




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We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Micro Systems Leasing for over 17 years. Many other leasing firms have tried to solicit our business over the years with fancy promises, but Micro Systems Leasing has consistently offered a competitive rate while providing unsurpassed customer service to our prospects and clients.

Because of their commitment to us and our clients, we consider Micro Systems Leasing and Teresa Webb an integral part of our total product solution.


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